Public Laundromat

- Open 7 days a week - 7am to 10pm.

- Front & Back parking, including long parking for trucks trailers, caravans and motorhomes

- TV, Magazines, available while you are waiting your clothes

- 4 by 9kg front loaders, 4 by 7kg top loaders and 8 dryers, all coins operated.

($1.00 and $0.20 coins)

Laudromat - open 7 days a week

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Agency for State Shoe Repairs

If it's Dry Cleanable, It's Eco Cleanable

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The new alternative to Dry Cleaning & Laundromat

If it's Dry Cleanable, It's Eco CleanableGreen Cleaning uses advanced biodegradable cleaning
agents and EcoClean, the worlds most intelligent clothes cleaning machine, to thoroughly clean and protect any
fabric from linen to leather. Leaves clothes smelling fresh.


“Better for your clothes. Better for our planet. No toxic or ozone damaging chemicals.”

Open from 8am to 5:30pm - Sat. From 8am to 12pmService Washing

Our rule is: 4minutes only!

  1. 2 minutes to drop off your clothes;
  2. 2 minutes to pick up;
  3. Service available Monday to Friday.

We have agencies at:

  • Cleve Pharmacy;
  • Kimba Pharmacy;
  • Cowell Pharmacy;
  • Wild Peach Country
    (Lock Post Office);
  • Wudinna Post & Travel;
  • RSM Working Country Outfitters;
  • Becks IGA - Streaky Bay;
  • Salt Water Roadhouse Elliston;