Public Laundromat

- Open 7 days a week - 7am to 10pm.

- Front & Back parking, including long parking for trucks trailers, caravans and motorhomes

- TV, Magazines, available while you are waiting your clothes

- 4 by 9kg front loaders, 4 by 7kg top loaders and 8 dryers, all coins operated.

($1.00 and $0.20 coins)

Laundromat - Open 7 days a week - 7am to 10pm


We have agencies at:

  • Cleve Pharmacy;
  • Kimba Pharmacy;
  • Cowell Pharmacy;
  • Wild Peach Country
    (Lock Post Office);
  • Wudinna Post & Travel;
  • RSM Working Country Outfitters;
  • Becks IGA - Streaky Bay;
  • Salt Water Roadhouse Elliston;


Our Services

If it's Dry Cleanable, It's Eco CleanableWet Cleaning (alternative to Dry Cleaning) & Laundromat

We provide full-service clothes cleaning and laundry services.

Leather & Suede

We clean and restore the natural oils of leather and suede.

Alterations & Repairs

Our service ranges from complimentary minor repairs and button replacement to adjusting hems, taking in pants or letting them out, even shortening sleeves or adding lining.

Household Items

We provide full-service cleaning to many items in your household like blankets, down pillows, doonas, area rugs, and table linens.


Pre-wedding cleaning & pressing

Trust your gown to us for any stain removal, expert pressing, and finishing on the most delicate fabrics and bead-work. Your dress will be wedding day perfect!

Post-wedding cleaning & preservation

You’ve proclaimed your love, said your vows and danced the night away. Oops, some cake and champagne found its way on to your gown…Don’t worry – we provide full-service cleaning, whether you simply want to have your gown cleaned and pressed after the wedding, or you want your gown preserved in an acid-free keepsake box.

Shoe Repair Agency

We provide full-service shoe repair from heel tips to seam repair, replacing an entire sole to a simple shine.

“Better for your clothes. Better for our planet. No toxic or ozone damaging chemicals.”